Go solar in 6 simple steps




This is where we go over your electricity usage and see if solar is right for you. We then create a free quote based on your energy usage by using satellite images of your roof.
You are ready to go solar and lock in predictable solar costs and start saving! You decide which solar plan and payment option is right for you and we do the rest.
Now the technical part starts. We visit your home to take measurements, examine your roof, capture data from your electrical service panel and take some relevant photos. Then, our engineers design a custom solar system that meets your energy needs.




This is pretty straight forward. Most of our solar installations take one day. We handle everything from permits to inspections so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Now for compliance checks. Here we get all the inspections taken care of with the local authorities and utility. As soon as we have all the approvals we can get the system activated.
The final step in the process is getting your system activated. As soon as they provide permission to operate, the sytem can be turned on and you can start generating your own clean, solar energy.
​I want to go solar!